About Unearthed

We Create Leaders.

Unearthed started as a program aimed at giving young people a vision for their future. For finding news ways to use their skills and make the world a better place. Our initial pilot program (supported by the Kenchaan Foundation in the Netherlands) worked with (and still does support) a group of community based leaders who could build a better vision for their own future, for the future of their communities and the future of the protected game reserves around their communities.  

We've seen many business plans and complex financial forecasts over the years, we've seen people with brilliant minds fail and we have seen people with hardly anything succeed. The difference is in the vision. Unearthed is very different from the normal "business training"  programs out there. We don't focus on the technicalities as much as we focus on the vision. If you have a clear vision of who you are and what you want to do, you can make it happen.  

What's Involved.

Personal discovery - understanding yourself 


Creating a vision 


Creating a plan to make it happen


How we do It.


We spend five days walking in the wilderness. A carefully facilitated and powerful experience to disconnect from all distractions and discover yourself. It's a digital detox, a journey into the wilderness within. 


The trail is followed by a series of workshops to unpack what is important to you. Ultimately it's about building a vision for the future you want to see for yourself and the world around you.


Formal training sessions include taking this vision and building a business model around it. From concerns around financial viability to plans for growing organically. It's all about getting a razor sharp plan 


The final stages of the program focus on creating step by step plans to make things happen. Review, rinse, repeat. Connecting with mentors and our alumni to ensure long term support

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