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How To Get Involved.

Our Unearthed programs are run as a project of the Wilderness Leadership School with support from the Kenchaan Foundation for community participants from around KwaZulu-Natal's protected areas. As a non profit organisation, the Wilderness Leadership School ensures that all support financial or in kind is well managed and audited on an annual basis.

There are so many areas where members of the public, like-minded groups or organisations can get involved. From being a participant yourself through to volunteering your time as a mentor or directly supporting an individual small business with finance or equipment. We love partnerships and working together to make things happen. Give us a shout!


Join Us On One Of Our Programs

Join one of our training programs, experience the impact of a wilderness trail and build your own vision and social enterprise. All proceeds from public participants is reinvested into supporting less fortunate participants to go through the program and support for our community based initiatives. Give us a shout to talk through options!   


Support A Community Based Entrepreneur 

At the core of our work is building rural community social enterprises. There are many ways you can support one of our community entreprenurs, from sponsoring someone's attendance on the program to more specific needs some of the businesses may have. Either way, your help will change a life and that's always worthwhile


Give Of Your Time

Mentorship and time is always in high demand. Do you have some specific skills you can offer us, from marketing through to business management or simply want to give of your time and experience, we could use your help and will find a way to integrate your skills into our projects!



Do you work for an NGO in South Africa or have projects which have similar goals? Or perhaps represent and organisation with a vision that aligns to ours? Let's talk and find ways to work together. Collaborative partnerships can be powerful things!

Do you want to get involved?

Drop us a line and let's talk!

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