Our social entrepreneurship program has three main aims, firstly, to help make sure you’re actually pursuing the right path especially around environmental-related careers, secondly, to help make you employable and thirdly to make sure you’re self-sufficient and can apply the entrepreneurial skills that will benefit you in terms of starting you own business, social enterprise, environmental project or non-profit organisation. We help you create your own "work experience" 

This all ensures you know what you want, you have the real-world critical skills (the stuff you won’t learn at university) and have a “plan B” for your future, your own business and/or something which can clearly set you apart from the rest of the bunch if job hunting!

We believe EVERY young person should have the basic skills needed to plan and run a small business.

When you leave the course, we want you to have a better understanding of yourself and where you are going. We want you to have a plan, a plan for now and a big dream for the future. We want you to be able to start carving your niche the very next day. We want you to feel inspired and have hope for the future. If we get this right, then we also have hope. Come join us! We have a limited number of new students each month to ensure we're able to focus our attention on your individual needs. 

“Governments are not equipped to solve all of the world’s problems – nor should they be – and are looking for innovative solutions from the private sector. Social entrepreneurs will play a vital role” ~ Siri Terjesen. Global Entrepreneurship monitor