Zakhamuzi Village Tours

Meet Mbuso Myeni

Zakhamuzi Tours is owned and managed by Mbuso Myeni who was born and grew up in a small village called Mabhokisini on the outskirts of iMfolozi Game Reserve where all our village and waterfall tours take place. 

On a village tour with Mbuso you will experience village life in an authentic, non-contrived way. A chance to meet and engage with locals as they go about their day to day business and experience a day in the life of a rural Zulu Village. One of the highlights of visiting Mabhokisini Village is a chance to explore the remote gorges, forests, and Donsa waterfall on the outskirts of the village. Legend has it that the Donsa waterfall and gorge is home to a giant mythical snake and community members would bath in the water to rid themselves of evil spirits and bad luck! 

Come take a walk with us and meet our people, taste our food, enjoy our scenery, our nature, our customs and explore places few western people have ever been before. 

Our Village Tours

Tour Highlights

A typical tour includes the following (although this is subject to change depending on any local events or ceremonies which may be happening at the time and of interest to your group) 

  • Visit a Sangoma (a local traditional healer, shaman or diviner, highly revered in Zulu Culture) and get insights from your ancestors and guidance for your life. 
  • Experience traditional dancing and view local crafters plying their trade (You will also get a chance to purchase local craft if you wish) 
  • Meet the local community elders and hear stories and legends from the area 
  • Visit a traditional Zulu home and learn about the unique family structures
  • Visit the Donsa Waterfalls, take a walk through the forest and swim in the mountain streams
  • The tour ends with a visit to a local tavern where you can enjoy a cold drink or spend time soaking up the vibest place in the village!

Tour Logistics

The tour takes approximately 4-5 hours. We will meet you at the gate to iMfolozi Game Reserve (western end) or another venue as agreed when booking. Summer months (October - May) can be very hot, so we suggest an early morning start and please bring a sun hat, sunblock and lots of drinking water. There are no restaurants in the village so we do suggest packing some light snacks/food if your tour straddles lunchtime. A pair of comfortable walking shoes is important as the entire tour is on foot.

Bookings & Enquiries

Bookings can be made 24 hours in advance. To make a reservation, please contact Mbuso on+27 (0) 72 1090272 (phone or Whatsapp)
Or drop us an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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